Philly Robotics June 2011 Meetup Summary

Hello Philly Roboteers.

Our attendance is still going strong, despite the onset of Summer. Don’t forget the July meetup is this week (Thursday 7/14 @ 7:30 @ The Hive). I will post the agenda shortly.

Some highlights from the June Meetup:

– Projects that were discussed:
— Automatic speech language translator
— Electric go-kart
— Balancing / Telepresence Bot group project
— Delta Bot
– Education / Demos:
— Software Version Control systems: SVN, Hg, Git.
— Real Time Operating System demo on TI Piccolo chip (Code Composer Studio)

– Microprocessors / boards discussed
— Atmel AVR (several, including custom boards); AVR Studio 4 and 5
— TI Piccolo DSP; Code Composer Studio
— TI MPS430
— Leaf Labs Maple Mini (STM32)
— Fez Panda

Here are some sort-of local surplus & electronics shops Its near Reading, PA, They’re located in Moorestown, NJ. (northern NJ)
– And, of course, your local (or online) Radio Shack still has some components

Don’t forget to check out the club website and let us know if you want join the forums

Also let us know if there’s anything you want to see or bring for the next meetup

Here are some relevant links (note the return of quadrotor videos):
UPenn Quad Bloopers

President Commanding Robot Revolution, Announces Major Robotics Initiative

Open Robotics – a legal perspective

I hope to see you at the meetup!
– Roy

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